Digestive Health: Are You Pro-Life? How taking probiotics can save your digestion and your life!

Are you a pro life? Normally this question would provoke discussion, but today I'm going to look at it from a slightly different angle.

Put these words together and you have potent probiotics for seniors and antibiotics (for life). Among millions of daily processes, our human body is an amazing creature with an amazing ability to fight infections and regenerate tissues. But our bodies cannot perform these tasks without help. Millions of organisms live in our own tissues and we cannot sustain our lives without these little helpers.These organisms keep our bodies healthy in many ways. However, for the purposes of this article, we will focus on those that aid digestion.

Our gastrointestinal tract is filled with millions of bacteria necessary to digest the food we eat. , meaning we need to take antibiotics to kill the bacteria that infect us and keep us alive... But best probiotics for menopause are different from today's homing missiles. Not only do they hunt down and kill disease-causing bacteria, they kill all the bacteria in the body.Since most antibiotics are taken orally, the bacteria in the digestive tract are at the forefront. This means that millions of beneficial bacteria are killed with each bout of antibiotics, which isn't so bad if the dead bacteria multiply quickly. However, due to the quality of our food and poor eating habits, these best probiotics for women for beneficial bacteria are irreversible.In fact, the opposite happens. Our current food supply and eating habits encourage the growth of putrefying harmful bacteria in our bodies. Hostile bacteria wreak havoc on our digestive system as the good bacteria grow back again. Before, it overwhelms us.It's a race to create your gut flora, both good and bad.



You may be thinking, "I haven't taken antibiotics in years!" If you eat meat, you are taking antibiotics every day. Unfortunately, the antibiotics you are taking are not prescribed. Cattle are vaccinated to prevent disease in crowded conditions. These antibiotics are absorbed by the animal's tissues and transferred to the body when eaten. Apparently, he wasn't at full strength, so he missed a seven-day course of antibiotics. happens every time you bite.

Thus was waged man's war against Mother Nature. Humans are trying to create drugs to control nature. Mother Nature will find a way around this remedy. The man creates another potion... stronger and stronger. Mother Nature has removed the super drug again and turned into a super bug. Eventually (for reference, this has already happened) humans ran out of drugs to control mother nature, but now that there are so many superbugs and antibiotics that kill infections , the immune system is helpless. H1N1 Ring the bell? When did polio and hepatitis become the same threat?! Remember: Mother Nature always wins.

Come on, who came out!? You know, I don't like sugar-coated stuff (lol... I know how I feel about sugar. So what? Should?!We arm ourselves.Our immune system is getting stronger and stronger.We prepare our bodies for battle in the best possible way... If you want. ...) Also, how about making your own microweapon?

One word: probiotics.

Well, that might be a bit of an exaggeration. There is still work to be done, but probiotics are a good start! Probiotics restore all the good bacteria in your gut after a series of antibiotics have killed them.


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